Here’s Why We Should Memorize Scripture

I have a problem with remembering things.

Like, my memory just doesn’t seem to be there. I have to set reminders on my phone for almost everything.

I’m kinda the real-life Dory.

It can be comical, but frustrating at the same time. Especially when I’m doing school, or (more importantly) trying to memorize scripture.

When I was younger, I’d attend Sunday school each week. We were always sent home with the mission of memorizing a certain verse pertaining to the lesson we learned. If we memorized it by the next Sunday, we would get some sort of reward.

I’m sad to say that a lot of the verses I “learned” were just memorized for the sake of getting a sticker the next week. They were in my brain for a week and then gone.

I didn’t really recognize that memorizing scripture is highly important in the role of being a Christian.

So first, let’s discuss this: why is it important to memorize scripture?

  1. Bible verses are our ammunition in times of trouble. When the devil is lurking, when sin is tempting, when we’re hurting deeply: God’s word is there to combat it. If we memorize key scriptures to fight sin (For example: Matthew 6:13, 1 Timothy 6:11-12, James 4:7, and 1 Thessalonians 5:22) we are using God’s words to fight the devil. Which brings us to our second point…
  2. The Bible is God’s written word to us. This instruction manual was given to us directly by the Creator of the universe. That’s kind of a big deal. We really do need to take it seriously and take into consideration the fact that we have the opportunity to hold God’s living, breathing word in our hands. So often we take advantage of the Bible and choose not to hide it in our hearts. (I wrote about this a bit on my personal blog. You can check it out here.) God’s word is our survival guide. When we commit verses to memory, we are showing that what God says has value to us.
  3. When we need encouragement or wisdom, the Bible is the place to turn to. I often try to find encouragement and wisdom from the people around me. Don’t get me wrong; I am surrounded in the wisest, most encouraging people out there. But that’s just it: they’re people. Meanwhile, the Lord has overflowing amounts of encouragement in His word. The pages are laced with wisdom rooted in love. When we memorize verses like that, we can feed our souls with God’s truth whenever necessary. It helps us stay joyful and keep our heads up.

Now, these are only a few of many reasons why we should memorize scripture. I could go on for many hours about the significance and importance.

My prayer is that all of you grow to know and love God’s word. I pray that you see the value of hiding His words deep in your heart.

And please don’t forget that He loves you. So much.



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