Death Has Been Defeated By Love

Do we truly realize what Christmas is?

If you’re anything like the other 318 million people in America, you might say Christmas is about joy and giving.

Yes, those are part of what Christmas consists of. I’ve focused a lot on joy and giving this season, and will continue to focus on it.

But I think that a lot of us are missing this: Christmas is a celebration.

It’s a celebration of the fact that death has been defeated by love.

When God sent Jesus to this earth, it was a 100% out of love. He didn’t need to send someone to rescue this cruel world.

He knew what would happen if He sent Jesus. He knew that His precious, perfect son would be ridiculed and beaten and persecuted. But God sent him anyways.

God defeated sin and death by sending His Jesus. When we trust in Him, we don’t have to worry about what comes when we die.

To celebrate Christmas is to celebrate that love, true love, has won.

Today and tomorrow, as you’re wrapped up in all of the festivities, remember that we are celebrating a victory. Take joy in that!



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