Three Things To Do When You’re Single

Nothing makes you feel more single than scrolling through any social media site and being faced with hundreds of engagement announcements. Okay, maybe not hundreds, but still.

I won’t say that I don’t think about having a boyfriend. I do.
But I honestly don’t mind being single, I just look forward to that special someday. J

Instead of complaining about being single, I chose to use this time wisely.
I don’t need a boyfriend right now. What I do need, is to make sure that I am focused on God.

I am going to be pretty honest with you girls, if you’re single here are three things to do rather than complain.

1) Be thankful .

1st Thessalonians 5:16-18 says, “ Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus in you.”

Have you thanked God for having you be single right now?

Are you saying you’re thankful but your heart actually isn’t thankful?

These aren’t comfy questions and I am not saying I can actually say “yes” to these questions very confidently. It’s tough to truly and genuinely be thankful sometimes.
But the moment you can appreciate where you are the more content and happy you can be.

The moment you give certain desires and thoughts to God, the freer and clearer your mind will be which will help you have more room for God. Which leads me to point number two…

2) Use this time wisely rather wasting it idly.

I’m going to bring up the heart again: get your heart in the right place.
If you want a godly guy, you have to be a godly girl.

But, don’t let that be your only motivation to get fit in your faith.

Something I have learned is that God is continually making us who He needs us to be.
He has equipped you with what you need, now allow Him to help you learn how to use these talents and skills for what He has designed you for.
He has established you in your faith, so that you may grow in His goodness.

Being a teenager is the best time, it’s truly a preparation time.
The best way to prepare is by seeking God and by praying. (Which, brings me to point number three.)

3)  PRAY

I wrote Brooklyn the other day and ranted about a guy problem I was having. She told me to pray.

It’s the simplest answer the most difficult questions.

Since this is a season of preparing, if you’re like me and you think about marriage, pray over your marriage. If you pray for your future husband, also be praying that God is making you the wife that your husband will need you to be.

A simple prayer that I say almost every night is, “Lord, make my future husband the man that you need him to be doing all you have called and created him to do, make him the husband I need him to be, and the father I children need him to be. I pray that you also make me the woman that you need me to be doing all you have called and created me to do, make me the wife my husband needs me to be, and the mother our children need me to be.”

I say this out of faith. I speak this with the hope that God has the right guy out there for me.
And that brings a sense of being content, rather desperate.

It helps me focus on what’s truly important: that we follow Christ above all else.

I also pray that God focuses the desires of my heart to long for what is good. I pray that God directs my mind to think about things that are of Him and from Him. I pray that the direction I am going will bring me closer to God, and also closer to the right guy.  I pray that I don’t get distracted, and most of all, that Christ guards my heart.

As you enter the new year, maybe you feel discouraged about relationships, friendships, school or life. These three things I mentioned in this post not only apply to being single, it applies to everything in life.

So  I want you to remember something…

Be thankful. Seek God. And pray.
You are priceless. You are a child of God.
Guard your heart.
Never settle.

God has great things for you.

Have a happy new year, we shall see you in 2017!



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