Where Does Your Confidence Come From?

“Moooom,” I wail as I walk into her room. “Look at my forehead. It’s so awful!”

She looks at me and says nothing.

“Look at these pimples. I’ve never had a breakout like this before. It’s completely aggravating. When people look at me, the first thing they see is this awful thing going on with my face. That’s not what I want them to see. I want them to see my big blue eyes or my smile.”

She nods. “Well, sweetie, let this be a humbling moment for you.”

I keep going. “Mom, this is hard. Having skin that looks like this makes me lose so much confidence.”

She looks me in the eye. “Your confidence needs to be in Christ, not in your appearance.”

That moment shocked me. I thought that I had fully put my confidence in God.

I had put my confidence in God, but I slowly and surely took it back and cradled it in my own arms. I bought into the lie that I could get by with mere self-confidence.

I’m not alone in this. Recently I asked some of my “internet friends” what they are tempted to put their confidence in, and almost every one of them answered, “myself”.

We’re taught to put confidence in ourselves and our circumstances. Our confidence is in our job, our appearance, our friendships, and our social status.

These things are not doing us any good. When we put our hope and faith in something or someone other than God, we are giving ourselves to failure.

God is the only one who can satisfy. He is the only One who always has been and always will be. He is the Creator of our universe (Gen. 1:1) and He knit us together in our mothers womb (Ps. 139:13). He is the only One who deserves our faith and trust.

The world and it’s desires are passing away (1 John 2:17). Our world is fallen and far from perfect.

God is eternal and will not let us down. He always keeps his perfect promises.

Put your confidence in Christ, and refuse to let appearance, circumstances, and relationships be the center of your faith. There is nothing more satisfying than trusting in the Lord with all of your heart and putting your faith in Him.


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