It Is Well | Guest Post by Emma Grace

Learning how to say “it is well” in every circumstance can be hard. But, I am beginning to realize that there is a reason to say “it is well” in every season and thing because no matter what may be going wrong in our lives, God is still God and He is still good.

I wanted to talk today about learning how to say “it is well” I am so not a pro at this and know very little about this topic, but it has been so heavy on my heart.
I know that I  more than likely have no clue on what is causing you to hurt, it could be a friendship, a breakup, divorce, death, change, loneliness, or just feeling broken.
Pain stems from a lot of different things but in those things we have an opportunity to say “it is well, Jesus.”

I was talking to one of my sweet friends the other day, and she started to tell me about this story in the Bible. I absolutely love these words that she spoke to me, so I thought I would share them with you, yes?

“There as these two people named Paul and Silas, and they were doing illegal things that were wrong in the eyes of the law but right morally. At one point they made some guy really mad who was in charge so he told people to beat them. After they were beaten badly they were thrown in jail. They had guards watching them to make sure they wouldn’t escape. While in the jail Paul and Silas, being Christians, prayed and sang hymns even though they had just had probably the worst day of their lives.
And right then there was this huge earthquake that destroyed the jail. the end.”

Can you imagine doing what’s right and God not protecting you and then being like, “oh hey God, what’s the deal?!” and the God who can control the weather just lets an earthquake happen? And I’m sure when the ground started shaking they were done because God wasn’t going to help them.

Just kidding. That actually was not reality.


Because that is so not the end:

The earthquake that more than likely scared them, actually broke the chains that they had on them to keep them from escaping and opened the doors of the jail.

My friend went on to say, “nobody ever talks about the earthquake but I think it applies to life. A lot of us find ourselves in awful situations and all we see is the earthquake but we have no idea that maybe that earthquake is going to break our chains and open the doors to the prison we’re living in and even save people. Any story that God has ever written in the middle of is never going to end in an earthquake.” I mean wow.
Those words hit me so hard. Our lives do not end in earthquakes, because that is just not the kind of God we serve.

You may be hurting right now or plagued by pain, but that is not the end of your story, it’s the beginning. The rain will stop, the earthquake won’t destroy you, and the valley is not the end.

A few days ago, I was watching this sweet author speak about being brave and I just loved these words she said, “how does it change your thinking and life and reading if you realized that nobody in the Bible, except for Jesus, knew how their story ended? Like Noah and the ark. WE know it rained for 40 days, but you know who didn’t know? Noah’s family. I mean it wasn’t like Noah’s wife on day 39 went around and said, “we’ve got this guys only one day left.” Like they really did not know.
” I love to add onto that,” she said, “courage is understanding that it is going to stop raining at some point.”

You know it is OKAY to say “it is well” and still feel frustrated and confused. You, me, all of us, we are human and we are not perfect.
When you fully put your trust in Jesus and say, “it feels really dark right now. But, I am going to trust You because I know You will take care of me and walk beside me.” you can truly say, “it is well”.

In Psalm 56:3-4 it says, “When I am afraid I put my trust in You. In God, whose word I praise. In God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?”

Goodness just think about that. “what can mere mortals do to me?” they can do NOTHING.

You are absolutely loved my friend. Abundantly, immensely, and fiercely loved by Jesus. He knows the very depths of Your heart and loves you. He knows how hurt you feel and He loves you. You are priceless and cherished to Him.

I wrote down some things that people have taught me and that I have learned that help when you are learning to say “it is well” you can check them out below!!

Pray – in the car, in your kitchen, in your room, anywhere where you can be alone for however long just pray. Stay in contact with the Lord and talk to Him. He loves you and isn’t going to leave. Okay?!?

Build a community around you to encourage you and love on you – if you don’t have friends like that now maybe don’t be rude and say “oh I cannot be your friend anymore because of this” maybe just don’t hang out with them as much. Get plugged into a local small group or church. Find some friends to encourage you and be with you while saying “it is well” and do the same for them. Encourage and love them.

Stay plugged into your Bible – Oh 100%. It might be hard at first but try to spend at least 10-15 minutes everyday in the Word of God. After a while you might be able to extend that time to 30 minutes or an hour or a few hours. It is so important to stay in connection with God and His word.

Know that God is good – He is, and always will be, I pray that you wake up and know this every morning. He is still good even in your mess. Through it ALL it is well.
I hope YOU are having the most beautiful day, friend, and know how loved you are!!
Jesus adores you!


Note from Anna: Brooklyn and I have both become friends with the lovely Emma. Her words and love for God is so inspiring, check out her blog and make sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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