Let’s Become Fascinated With Jesus

You’ve probably noticed that Anna & I haven’t posted in awhile.

In fact, we have a tendency to be, well… inconsistent.

There are a couple reasons why. The main reason is that we promised ourselves we’d focus on quality over quantity. We were going to shoot for posting every Saturday, but if God didn’t speak a blog post into our hearts, we weren’t gonna write one.

That truth still applies to us today. We don’t want to fill our blog with our words or senseless chatter. We want to speak life to you girls (and guys… we know a few of you read our posts too ;)).

So if you don’t see us posting every week, I’m sorry. Part of it is because we’re still freshman in the blogging industry, but the main reason is because we want to give you our best and God’s best.

With that being said, let’s hop into our next post:


As I’m sure you’re aware, Easter was last weekend. There’s a billion things I could say about the day of celebration. I mean, my heart is so full of joy because we get to celebrate the King that rose for us.

May we never become numb to how incredible that is. Jesus ROSE FROM THE GRAVE. WOW.

The fact that we have Easter to specifically honor this monumental moment is such an exciting thing. We get a day set apart to praise God and be full of joy for what He has done.

But what happens when Easter is over? How do we continue to have that pulsing joy in our souls?

The answer: we become fascinated with the story of Jesus.

Think about what you do when you become fascinated or enthralled with something. Your entire focus is on it. You study it and discuss it and keep it fresh on your mind.

The same thing should occur with us when it comes to the truth about Jesus. This truth is beautiful, valuable, and essential. It is completely life changing.

It should always be fresh on our minds and our hearts. It gives us a constant reason to be joyful and content.

Of course, we’re not perfect. We’re gonna let the idea that God is good slip from our minds. I’m guilty of doing that.

But I’ve realized that daily time with the Lord is a good way to keep Jesus’ truth in your mind. Studying scripture doesn’t just mean reading what God said. It means praising Him for His goodness and promises.

I know this post is short, but it’s because I’m trying to keep this point very simple and sweet. My prayer is that you keep the truth of what Jesus has done very fresh on your mind. May it bring you joy on a daily basis! You are so loved!



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