About Eromai

Eromai (pronounced, arrow-may) is the translation for the Greek word, έρωμαι, meaning love. 

Why we started Eromai:

“Being a teenage girl isn’t easy. That can pretty much sum the changes, the drama, the heartbreaks all up. I don’t need to elaborate on everything we end up dealing with during this time of our lives. My heartbreaks when I see girls like me discouraged, hurt or alone. With so much negativity and hate circulating our lives, I felt God placing it on my heart to start this blog to spread encouragement, friendship and love to others. I knew this would be a difficult task, so I asked Brooklyn if she would want to help. I knew our friendship could be used to help others. I hope that this blog will inspire and encourage girls to love themselves, love others, and most of all love God as we navigate life together, becoming the women that God has uniquely designed each of us to be.”
– Anna, JoysMyMiddleName.Wordpress.com

“I was excited to start Eromai because I noticed that God was calling me to minister to girls my age. I desired for girls to know that the struggles they go through are not isolated. I wanted them to experience God’s love and see that He has a plan for them. When Anna asked me to help her start this blog, I couldn’t say no. My prayer is that through this ministry, girls would learn how to give love and receive love well, while pursuing God’s amazing design for womanhood.”
– Brooklyn, BrooklynWrites15.Wordpress.com