As Christian girls, it can be challenging to find genuine resources to help us pursue God. I (Brooklyn) have really had a challenging time with that, but over the past several months I’ve gathered a wonderful collection of resources that I’d like to share with you. 🙂

YouTube Channels:

Cambria Joy ~ This girl… wow. She is so in love with Jesus and you can tell! She makes videos about staying healthy. Not just physically, but spiritually as well. (She also has a vlog channel, which you can check out here.)

Coffee and Bible Time ~ This channel is one of my top favorites!! It’s full of resources to help you dig into scripture and express your love for Jesus creatively. Feel free to check out their Instagram page too!

Katie Gregoire ~ She’s hilarious and offers amazing advice and I want to be her friend. What more can I even say about her?

Sadie Robertson ~ If you’re unfamiliar with Sadie, she’s a motivational speaker and fashion icon who speaks some serious truth on her YouTube channels. She radiates with love and positivity.


Scattered Journal Pages ~ This website is run by our friend Amanda, and she is a gem. She is so full of wisdom, and each post she writes is so encouraging. I’ve learned so much from her, and I’m sure you will too!

Emma Grace Carter ~ Emma is a very lovely person who we’re glad to call a friend. (What can we say? We have awesome blogger friends.) She often shares about her life experiences, and speaks truth into the hearts of girls. Make sure you check out this blog. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Cheerful Chitchats ~ Emma Mae Jenkins has one of the kindest and most hearts on the planet. She is overflowing with love and joy. God has given her so much wisdom, and she’s unafraid to show it!!

Girl Defined ~ I absolutely LOVE this blog!! They touch on multiple topics like relationships, feminism, fashion, and guys- all with a biblical perspective! They tackle the big topics that many people shy away from writing about. They also have a YouTube channel and a book!

Lies Young Women Believe ~ This blog has been posting every day for the past several years, and the women who lead it are filled with wisdom. They’ve helped me grow in my walk with God, and I recommend this blog to ANYONE! They also have a book; check it out here!

Joy’s My Middle Name ~ This blog is run by our lovely co-owner, Anna! She writes about fashion, faith, life, and Jesus. She is an excellent writer, and I enjoy each and every post she publishes!!!

Brooklyn Writes ~ I have been writing on this blog since early 2015, and I really enjoy it. I write mostly about Jesus, but every month I also write a recap on what’s happening in my life. I would love it if you checked it out!